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Lifting the toxic curse
Tuesday, 03 June 2014
Humans haven't just poisoned the planet with potentially dangerous chemicals, we've also poisoned ourselves. So why is no one talking about it, asks Julian Cribb.
The rising cost of scientific illiteracy
Wednesday, 14 May 2014
Science journalist Julian Cribb explains the real cost of Australia's Federal Budget.
To reach for the stars, Australia must focus on astronomy
Wednesday, 07 May 2014
Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt explains why astronomy is key to Australia's future.
Fat nation: why so many Australians are obese and how to fix it
Monday, 10 March 2014
One quarter of Australian adults are obese. Philip Baker offers some solutions.
Fish in the twilight cast new light on ocean ecosystem
Monday, 03 March 2014
We know very little about the oceans and in this piece professor Carlos Duarte explains why.
The challenge of the modern scientist is to avoid career suicide
Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Do scientists need to get better training to ensure a successful career?
Women can help bridge the 'valley of death' in science innovation
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Gender equality in the workplace can make a huge difference in science innovation, so why do women still remain underrepresented.
Why we can’t have reliable evidence for herbal therapies
Sunday, 16 February 2014
Herbal medicines vary so much from batch to batch that it's hard for clinical evidence to prove them effective.
Physics: a fundamental force for future security
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Physics may hold the clue to a better and brighter future. Michelle Simmons explain.
Australia’s future depends on a strong science focus today
Tuesday, 11 February 2014
If we want to build a stronger nation, Australia needs to start focussing on science, writes Ian Chubb.

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